September 2014

A taste of Koh Phangan,Thailand-by Chris Bird.

Koh Phangan is a truly beautiful part of Thailand..

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Waiting at the Temple As I waited at the temple this beautiful mess unfolded before me..

go IMG_0847 IMG_3168 Waiting at the Temple

Really enjoying Koh Phangnan

Really enjoying Koh Phangnan and the photography is fabulous.

Koh Samui next door neighbour is a great getaway island

I love the diversity it offers…more coming  soon.Kohphang-349 Kohphang-353 Just waiting The fishing boat What happenedReally enjoying Koh Phangnan

Tropical images by #thailand #kohsamui #travel Tropical images by #thailand #kohsamui #travel
Kohphang2-212 untitled-38 Paradise Kohphang-458 The swing Squid men will  be hitting some tropical islands here in Thailand so will be posting some sunshine soon..


Street photography in Surat Thani,Thailand.

A bit of street photography whilst I wait for the bike to be repaired.

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IMG_3910 IMG_4049 IMG_3540 IMG_3714 IMG_3736 IMG_3737 IMG_3739 IMG_3741 IMG_3742 IMG_3818 IMG_3830 street photography IMG_3843 IMG_3866 IMG_3867 IMG_3888 IMG_4049

Portrait photography with Fang.

My portrait photography model for the day … Fang!

cropped-IMG_3092.jpg IMG_2331 IMG_3091 IMG_0166

see url IMG_3140IMG_3092IMG_3034IMG_3006IMG_2506IMG_2431IMG_2387 - Copy

Waiting at the station

Waiting at the station with

Its been a long time coming

premedication of lasix between blood transfusions but finally I have re organised my images and enabled my site for use with mobile devices . Life should be a little easier now…  took  about 200 painful hours but its made my workflow a lot easier ..

Happy days.IMG_1870

Sun kissed ,Koh Samui

Kissing the sun

Smug mug

Ok Signed up to Smug mug and found  a tutorial that walks you through the site set up in 1 hour!!!

Stop watch on …..