November 2014

Wandering around the amazing Hampi ,India

Wandering around the amazing Hampi ,India

You can read more about Hampi Here!Hampi ,India Bed rock Windows Bath time. Magic Bed rock The house The shop keeper Shadows Life Mars IMG_0475 Spiritual Inside the temple Pargoda Holy tree Hampi The old hotelYou can read more about Hampi here!

The lack of internet is quite testing..

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go to link I was hoping on storing alot of my images on my cloud storage for safety as I travel …I have estimated it will take 28 years to upload ! so I will wait .lol.


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http://whenwaterwaseverywhere.com/?x=price-viagra-professional Chrisbirds.com hitting IndiaIMG_0227 The cross IMG_0735 IMG_8663 Kite IMG_9546 The holy CowThe amazing India …IMG_7042 IMG_7157 Row, row, row your boat... Contemplation on the Ganges IMG_7894 Cobra man The bicycle IMG_8041 Tata Jump The meeting Composition IMG_8302 Whos the artist???? IMG_9435