January 2015

Kung Fu

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see Kung fu..by www.chrisbirds.com
After many years living a life like a rock star Matt has become a serious practitioner in the art of   Wing Chun…5 hours a day ,7days a week..
Hes 5 years into it now and has never felt so alive and the demons have gone…He nagged me for this shoot for one year ,so yesterday at 6.0 am we hit the beach and gave him some thing he will never forget…
Well done Matt.

IMG_9060 IMG_9061 IMG_9176 IMG_9189 IMG_9234 IMG_9256 IMG_9298 IMG_9304 IMG_9312 IMG_9346 IMG_9440 IMG_9442 IMG_9471 IMG_9498 IMG_9596 IMG_9606 IMG_9696 IMG_9701

www.chrisbirds.com will be hitting Cambodia soon…

get link www.chrisbirds.com will be hitting Cambodia soon…  Temple heaven @ Angkor Wat

http://rockstarlearning.com/?x=buy-branded-viagra-super-active Its one of my favorite places on Earth ,I will be in my element spending 3/4 days exploring the sites and many Temples..

http://publicsafetymediatraining.com/?x=viagra-london-drugs-photo I have to leave Thailand for visa reasons and this will be a cost effective/entertaining way to organise my Visa…

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A bit of fun with the 50mm prime…www.chrisbirds.com in Thailand..

A bit of fun with the 50mm prime…www.chrisbirds.com in Thailand..

The 50mm prime lens

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IMG_1476 IMG_7647 IMG_7765 IMG_7831 IMG_8144 IMG_8145Thailand .