Time Passing By

click For years I have seen this old bike down a side street in the back end of Surat Thani..
There are very few if any tourists in this town,occasionally they pass through to catch the Boat to Koh Samui island..but most fly and miss this old Thai City….its Raw Thailand ,My girlfriend is from Surat hence why I have been here many times..
Its strange how Thai people will leave other peoples positions alone ,I see old cars / bike etc all the time that have trees growing around them..as its someone elses property people simply leave it there…I guess the owner of this old bike has passed away ..
Armed with my camera one night I went to this old bike and sat down ..How long its been here nobody knows ..maybe 10 years or more..its never moved ..As I sat there I couldn’t help thinking about how time passes us by and how some things stand still.
Me …I never stand still .
As for the bike ..I bet its still thereon my next visit to this great Thai City..Surat Thani .
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