August 2015

Clearly not a Blogger !

Clearly not a Blogger !

I am clearly not a blogger nor am I a Photographer! but I am out there taking Photos and editing till my hearts content..

This unexpectadly has gotten me a rather large following on various different social media outlets..I have been absolutely blown away by some of the comments I have received over the short time I have been involved in sharing my work..

I suppose one reason for my humble surprise is the fact that I don’t know what I am doing ,I simply see something I love and capture it the way I see it .

I am open and have not been schooled in any specific way,I joke in my Bio that ” Chris is  a free thinking Artist traveling the world” ..well when I think about it I am .. its a passion with no rewards other than kind words from strangers..
Sometimes these are priceless ,even more so when someone I respect as a photographer gets involved with my flow..
Some say I inspire them ,some beg me for more ,some comment on every image I share and some even want to be like me and see the world as I do..???
Sometimes its tiring and sometimes its energising , so for that reason I will be easing off a little with the social media side of things and will concentrate my energy into my website and organising my collection with better information and tagging .
Sometimes less is more..
Here are some of my images that have inspired me to carry on ..yes I know its sad but I am my own fan ..lol.
Thanks again for all that have followed me and taken time check out my work..

Chris ..

www.chrisbirds.com The Factorywww.chrisbirds.com Dummywww.chrisbirds.comOn the edge
www.chrisbirds.com Street Fighterwww.chrisbirds.com Golden Mirrorwww.chrisbirds.com Some Days Are Better than Others www.chrisbirds.com The Modelwww.chrisbirds.com Butter Cupwww.chrisbirds.com The Hole in the Wall www.chrisbirds.com Stairway To Heaven www.chrisbirds.com Old Red www.chrisbirds.com Romance www.chrisbirds.com Death Railway www.chrisbirds.com on the Move www.chrisbirds.comUsed
www.chrisbirds.com The Fighter www.chrisbirds.com Going up www.chrisbirds.com Silence Please www.chrisbirds.com The Buddha www.chrisbirds.com Pavers www.chrisbirds.com The Shop Keeper www.chrisbirds.com Ruins www.chrisbirds.com The Launch Pad www.chrisbirds.com Parked up www.chrisbirds.com Lost www.chrisbirds.com Keep It cleen www.chrisbirds.com Taxiwww.chrisbirds.com The Oldest City on Earth www.chrisbirds.com Cobra www.chrisbirds.com Smoking Manwww.chrisbirds.com Waiting www.chrisbirds.com The Tombwww.chrisbirds.com The Delivery Man www.chrisbirds.com Concrete Jungle www.chrisbirds.com Silhouette www.chrisbirds.com Resting www.chrisbirds.com The Star www.chrisbirds.com China town www.chrisbirds.com Abandoned Temple www.chrisbirds.com40 Degrees
www.chrisbirds.com Death Railway www.chrisbirds.com Bridge over the river Kwai www.chrisbirds.comFlat


Clearly not a Blogger


Why shoot RAW ..Why you should always shoot RAW

Why shoot Raw

Why you should always shoot RAW

Shooting Raw is  a total game changer for me ,I love it .

Check out the article here!

This image for example I shot using natural light ,no flash was used .

With the RAW information I can manipulate the light even further using software like Lightroom.

I am using a cropped sensor camera but ALWAYS shoot raw to allow me to get the best out of every image..

Check out Chris’s latest stream of images here!


Latest uploads to www.chrisbirds.com

Latest uploads to www.chrisbirds.com

This set of images is of my home town  Hull ..Been here several months now so obviously got a few images to share of my up and coming City. All my latest images are available here!

In just over a week I get to hit the road again for 7 Months.

As usual I will be based in Thailand on the  small island Koh Chang , some of the best skys I have ever seen there plus its a great gateway to other smaller islands.

I will have to leave Thailand occasionally for Visa reasons and Vietnam will be the first of my Visa runs .

I love Vietnam and Saigon has some of the most amazing street life you will ever see.

It  should be pretty diverse again with a little Bangkok in there and maybe a bit of Burma 

Christmas will be had on Koh Samui Island ..My second home I guess,its always fantastic to get back onto that Rock and catch up with familiar faces.

A Great place for Photography also  as it has  an amazing Jungle in the centre with dozens of roads into the mountains  and beaches to die for scattered around the 52 KM circumference ..

www.chrisbirds.com The Factory www.chrisbirds.com
www.chrisbirds.comDrip www.chrisbirds.com Old Redwww.chrisbirds.com Naked www.chrisbirds.com No,13www.chrisbirds.com
The Humber Bridge www.chrisbirds.com Inside Lord Line ..Whats Next?www.chrisbirds.com Chloe www.chrisbirds.com Why Not?www.chrisbirds.com Smashing www.chrisbirds.com The only way out www.chrisbirds.com Arctic Corsalwww.chrisbirds.com Shopping www.chrisbirds.comGraveyard Shift
www.chrisbirds.com Lost www.chrisbirds.com Street life www.chrisbirds.com Alter Egowww.chrisbirds.com Under the Jetty www.chrisbirds.com Natures the artist www.chrisbirds.com The gate to it allwww.chrisbirds.com Butter cup www.chrisbirds.comMaking way for the City of Culture
www.chrisbirds.com Our little Bridge www.chrisbirds.comLike a mirror
www.chrisbirds.com Going downwww.chrisbirds.com Minsterwww.chrisbirds.comButter Cup
Eating up Hullwww.chrisbirds.com The metal T.Rexwww.chrisbirds.com Rachy www.chrisbirds.com Windows 9www.chrisbirds.com Street Art www.chrisbirds.com Another World www.chrisbirds.comOut of Hull
New York New Yorkwww.chrisbirds.com Jesuswww.chrisbirds.com Power Plantwww.chrisbirds.com The Blue Door www.chrisbirds.com

The Rank Hovis Mill in Hull

The Rank Hovis Mill in Hull

www.chrisbirds.com Soon to be forgotten www.chrisbirds.com Old Town143 West Dock Avewww.chrisbirds.com Old redHull