In some religions you get in your next life what you do in this life..
The lady with plastic legs walking by our restaurant clearly had bad Karma to have lost her legs in this life(according to some belief systems)..even more so when the car unfortunately hit her and sent her rattling across the road..luckily her two plastic legs held on and after 10 minutes on the floor adjusting her prosthetics she was away..she must of been a bad bastard in her previous life..
Its strange as there are over 11million people in Hanoi flying around like lunatics and after 7 days this was the first accident we saw..
On our return from the stunning Halong Bay our bus had a flat battery, luckily 12 Vietnamese and myself managed to push start the bus …the problem then was the Aircon didn’t work so we had to have all the windows open just so we could breath ,the trade off then was we where on one of the noisiest / dustiest roads here ….luckily it was only a 4 hour journey. beep fxxking beep.
We avoided eating dog ( to the best of our knowledge ) and thoroughly enjoyed this amazing and diverse city.
I was here 6 years ago and its amazing the change..hotels and bars are up over 1000% and the place is one of the most vibrant you will ever see..it has it all.

Once again thanks Vietnam for a truly magical time..

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Behind every picture theres a story

Behind every picture theres a story …

I had my morning walk and as usual was armed with my Camera.

As I was taking a shot of an interesting fishing boat I noticed this young boy shouting out to the man on the boat ..

It turned out it was the boys father fishing for small Shrimp that had just come into season ..I gave hime my card and later forwarded him some images of his Fisherman father..I think thats a pretty cool shot for is Dad…one for the wall.

2 years ago whilst exploring Koh Chang I came across this rather bizarre resort ..its literally at the end of the road .

This year I just had to return for some more exploring ..I wasn’t disappointed.

Aunchaleena Beachfront Resort, formerly, Koh Chang Grand Lagoona is the name.

This place is actually an illegally built resort by a billionaire Thai .. its long past its sell by date and is now practically in ruins.

Its the biggest resort on the island and its still operating ???apparently its full of Thai people holidaying  from Bangkok over Christmas /New Year .

As you enter the resort there are several full size elephant sculptures armed with huge Erections ..yes you heard me right ..

I stumbled on an old secure building that was full of broken bicycles?? there where dozens of them and on the wall old pictures of young people posing with new bicycles..what happened?

In fact everywhere you turn there are spooky things ,its a huge area with no one about ..occasionally you see a young girl on a bike riding by ..GHOST????

Any way Vietnam in a few days for some rather different culture and some street Photography ..Always love exploring this country.

Destination Hanoi .

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Koh Chang,Thailand
Koh Chang,Thailand