About Chris Bird

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http://whenwaterwaseverywhere.com/?x=viagra-for-women Hello and welcome to www.chrisbirds.com

http://akashows.com/?x=viagra-use-tips My digital Playground

At the age of 36 I kind of had a midlife crisis  and have never looked back. I traveled to Vietnam on my own for a few months after coming out of a long term relationship and got the travel bug.
I have never been the same since.
After this 2 month adventure I decided I would Rent out my house in the UK and continue the Journey .
7 years on and I have developed a passion for Photography and HERE you have my outlet for that passion …

Chris Bird is a free thinking artist who continually tries to travel around this beautiful planet as and when he can.
Upto now that equates to approximately 75 % of the last 7 years.
The Photography is an extension of his rather overactive imagination that kind of sees the world in a different context .
Unfortunately for some the travel has magnified this to a worrying level creating an even more diverse view of the world.
Anyone that Knows About Chris Bird will agree he is a little different.
HERE ! you can search through all of his images using the search box or explore the many individual galleries.
New images are always been added so feel free to pop back whenever you want to explore his imagination and catch up with his journey.
All photos are available for print on here so grab something a little individual and enjoy the Art.

 Chris is always adding new and exciting images to his ever evolving portfolio.

                                     CLICK ME ! for all the latest images .

You can catch him on Facebook  /  Flickr  / Google+ / 500px twitter.com  /  instagram  and be part of his journey.

All images are chrisbirds.com and are available for print in a large variety of sizes / finishes and from the best printers in the world!


So if you fancy something a little different  and individual ….. go site here you have it.

My images on Facebook etc are all compressed and wont print very well,only http://lulusalonandspa.com/?x=viagra-online-pharmacy canada viagra HERE! can you get the full high resolution print version..

Don’t hesitate to contact Chris for more information – zoomedbychris@yahoo.com

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Thanks again for popping by. 

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