Several years

After several years of losing my “Photography Mojo” heres my first post in as many years. During this time I ended up buying the small yet powerful Fuji Xt20 to keep my hand in. Its an absolute beast of a small camera and if ever I felt the urge to shoot it never disappointed .It uses interchangeable lenses to allow for alot of flexibility .

A few months ago I had to go to Phnom Penh, the Capital of Cambodia . I had to go for Visa reasons and was in two minds whether to take my camera or not. Luckily I did and for some reason I was in Black and White mode ALL the time . I dont Know Why but its all I was shooting in and was kind of how I was viewing life there. I was in Phnom Penh about 8 years ago and today in 2018  it is unrecognisable . Its inundated with fully stocked Lady Bars, street Urchins are running riot and the millions of Tuk Tuk drivers where quite simply a pain in the Arse. Its certainly a few decades behind Thailand yet it was still a friendly place and I always felt relatively safe . I didn’t do a lot of photography but enough to get me back in the zone for a few hours and it kept me out of the many Bars selling Hanoi Draft Beer for less than a $1

2 months later I was in Hanoi the Capital of Vietnam and didn’t have to think twice …the camera was packed before my Calvins. Same strange thing happened though “Black and White”  was the setting AGAIN! . Fuji has an in Camera Acros filter that mimics the old Fuji black and white Acros film rolls and Photographers around the world are loving it . I spent several days wandering around the chaotic hustle and bustle hitting over 15km a day and was back in the zone like the old days . I would occasionally stop for my favourite Vietnamese iced coffee at one of the many welcoming coffee shops and never had a problem with decent food. They do love their Bread and noodles, so it was a good job I was on foot all day . Unfortunately there is a still a certain area where Dog is on the menu, but luckily its only a small area and I would think it would be easy to avoid dining there as you can clearly see whats for sale. Again I felt safe on the streets BUT you certainly need your wits about you. Chaotic is an understatement in the Old Quarter  as the locals go about there day to day life .. I always stay in the Old Quarter to taste the true grit of Hanoi.

I guess in my mind the black and white better captures the grit and strength these characterful cities have to offer . I still have few more months left here in Thailand so will be getting the tripod out and getting some more of those epic sunsets (in colour ). Then its back to the UK to earn some more of that money stuff (again) and the first thing I will be buying is the Fuji XT3. Read a few online reviews and seen a few reviews on YouTube and its looking like a Phenomenal Camera with a great price point. A friend of mine here in Samui has just bought one and said its certainly punching above its weight and is nearly a match for his Canon 5Dmk4 ..WOW!

 Been time rich whilst on my travels I love to take my time wandering around and soaking up the environment , the Camera allows me to do this and once I am in the zone its almost  like meditation  . I have amassed thousands of images from all over the place over the last 7 years so will always have plenty of interesting content to play with and will hopefully be tidying up my collection soon . Its a rather intimidating  job at the moment but its always fascinating to relive where I have been when I dig into my old folders.  I also  have a few exciting trips in mind over the next 12 months ,New York , Iceland, Arizona and Cuba should all be heading my way and the Xt3 will be my tool of choice due to its compact power and Tech.

I will still be keeping this website Live, as I mentioned in my previous post SEVERAL years ago, as its a nice way for me to reminisce and look back at my journey.  I have actually met quite a few people over the last couple of years that have checked out my website due to word of mouth , friends etc recommending they take a look . I must say its quite humbling and in a way kind of embarrassing as I haven’t put any fresh content on it for years ,so I need to raise my game a little and at least post a couple of times a year . I guess I was already contemplating posting again ( as if its a big deal )…BUT how can I  after “The Last Post”??  Well ironically yesterday  I received an email from my Smugmug account (this takes care of all printing and digital downloads) ..I had made another sale! I cleared $1 after tax for a digital download . As crazy as it sounds thats why I am prepared to lose money every year keeping “” live , I love the fact that somebody can buy and have bought my images . I am clearly never going to get rich with this mindset but it rocks my boat that I made $1 from my Art. The fact that it costs $200 a year to keep it live is another story and something I have to forget about , it usually takes around 24 to 36 hours after the annual automated payment has been taken for me to accept the loss .. lol .

So here we have some of the Black and White images I caught with the XT20 .Many have already been shared on my Facebook page  but as this is a more permanent way for me to document my journey here they are . I will do a  more vibrant post in the future …but it may take a while ..

Chris x 

The last post !

The last post !

Well 4 years ago I bought my first DLSR camera and hit the road , self exploration was the plan .

I left no stone unturned in my pursuit to becoming an artistic Photographer , self taught all the way and here I am doing my final post !! It seems an eternity ago I was building this web site with the help of Google and Youtube … it was testing times to say the least.

What a journey its been though and what a lucky boy to be able to employ myself to travel the world as a Photographer choosing my own destinations and subjects for all these years .

When I look at my Flickr feed and my Instagram feed I amaze myself and always get pretty emotional as to where I have been , what I’ve done and where I am now .. I also have over 20,000 followers to massage my ego on a daily basis.

I will look back at this artistic journey with many emotions , nobody really knows the energy and commitment I have dedicated to my Photography other than myself and my partner Pang …She knows! and to be honest I never saw it as photography it was to me , Art!

I have decided to sell my camera and all my equipment and take a well deserved break from Photography /art  . I never made a $1 out of this artistic journey but always felt one day someone would be in touch , maybe a sponsor from Sony or Canon or some other venture to travel the world making something or someone look good , I have been in a position to be as flexible as they come…the call never came .

Four years on and I am done ,I now know how to use a camera , frame a shot and excite thousands with the end result…but for what ???

I have literally thousands of images from all over the world still to be edited and published and I will continue to upload these to my online account as a reminder of where Ive been and what Ive done, it always puts a big smile on my face when I see

I have been overwhelmed by the constant feedback that I have received and the many many messages have simply blown me away,this single handedly gave me the power to carry on and gave me the motivation to spend endless hours engaging in my passion , I thank every single one of you for that .

I will continue to pay for my Domain name and keep this site going as its my toy and a toy that I am very proud of .

Who knows in a few years time I may get my mojo back ,but for now I am done.

Having said that I do happen to have a pretty good camera on my Phone…lol.

Thanks again

Chris Bird x


The smoker IMG_9075 IMG_8474 IMG_7894 IMG_7042 The bicycle CompositionIMG_9546 The shop keeper cropped-IMG_3092.jpg IMG_9176 tree and sun hdr IMG_9504

www.chrisb www.chrisbirds.comStoney portraituntitled-11-EditUmbrellaFlying through BangkokIMG_0662-EditThe Business
Coral cove Like a mirror After the market IMG_7647




The Fight !

The Fight !

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Chris Bird and his Photography

Chris Bird and his Photography.

Just lately I have met a lot of people that go out of there way to comment on my Photography,this is brilliant and to be honest the only payment I ever get ….Praise is priceless.

My payment is all the kind comments and the strangers that come over to meet me and talk photography and I have all the time in the world for this subject so it suits me just fine,keep it up everybody.

I have been truly humbled by the amount of people that come over to me and compliment my work ….not to mention the thousands that have commented on my online/ social media presence …I even have a Groupie !!!!!

Anyway here is a taste of my imagery and diversity just incase you missed it ..

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Relax Nearly down Another night in Paradise 40 Degrees Its hot Perspective Abandoned Safety first Health and safety The Humber Bridge Umbrella Keeping cool flying through BKKBlade Blade untitled-11-Edit The Model Behind the rocks Long tail IMG_7307_HDR Getting the Bus Rush hour Traffic Taxi Take me home The barber The BarberIMG_9960 Blue First sight First sight Lost lostIMG_0662-Edit LifeWhat ? WhatIMG_0502 The Shepherd The Business man The business man Nearly home IMG_7680 Be carefulThe Buddha The Buddha Once upon a timeThe Meeting point Flat out Water under the bridge Going Underground Piccadilly Draculas house Angry train Window

Koh Chang ,Thailand
Koh Chang ,Thailand

Koh Chang ,Thailand
Koh Chang ,Thailand

Koh Chang ,Thailand
Koh Chang ,Thailand

The future of Photography

The future of Photography

Its obvious that over the coming years photography will evolve,especially equipment.It probably already has but due to the manufactures making billions out of the public its slowly drip fed  to keep the money machine working..
They offer us a few extra megapixels every year and a few extra frames per second for a extra few hundred Dollars .
Sony’s mirrorless A7 R mk2 for example has taken the world by storm with many pros using the system for all Genres of photography ..
I am still using a Canon Dlsr but I can see its old technology now and certainly not state of the art..
We will no doubt laugh at these things in a few years .
The 3 pictures below where all taken with a smart phone …an old smartphone at that,not the latest Samsung s6 or iPhone 6s .
Now my clunky Dlsr requires multiple lens changes and yet many times I am left feeling a bit disappointed with image quality …
One reason  I guess is that I haven’t spent $20,000.00 on lenses.
Compared to my smart phone the huge lens on my huge DLSR should blow it away ,but in good light it simply doesn’t .
Some of the latest Smartphones are also able to shoot RAW ,mix this in with some of the amazing smart phone editing software and you’ve got a powerful little toy in your pocket.
Don’t get me wrong if we were to enlarge these images then the Dlsr would pull away ..BUT its only 2015 and very early days in the world of digital photography and smartphones , not forgetting software is evolving also.There is software available already that can add pixels to Smartphone images allowing for huge prints..
Look at the free Selfie apps on your phone that automatically softens the skin tones leaving the rest of the image sharp..
I will almost guarantee future smart phones aimed at photographers will have full frame sensors and mind boggling image quality like the Sonys A7 R mk2 ..
The latest Sony RX100 mk4  is already available in 2015 and is a great example of just how powerful a small camera can be..
If they can read a newspaper from space with satellite cameras how come when I take a shot from 30 feet away I can’t see the text clear enough to read??? what is this technology.?
The Police have CCTV cameras in many major cities around the world that can also read newspaper print form several miles away …Personally I think there keeping us in the dark with the Camera technology that is potentially available to the Public. Apple showed us this a few months ago when the iPhone 6S came out with a camera that 100% better than an Iphone 6 and I will bet the iPhone 7 will be 50 % better than its predecessor and the iPhone 7 S will be …etc etc etc .
It is of course exciting times in the world of Photography ..

Watch this

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Popular, thanks Instagram .. ..

Popular, thanks Instagram .. ..

My latest post has some of the most popular images from my Instagram account ..

There are always lots of diverse images been added to my Latest feed over at 

I am currently on the island of  Koh Samui chasing the perfect sunset.

Its actually easier said than done but great fun exploring ..

The sun Sets here at around 6 .0 PM which I find extremely early, still its a better deal than the 6.0am sunrise.

FlatFlat40 Degrees 40 DegreesIMG_5529 Street dog SteelSteelThe old Concrete jettyAbandoned Abandoned IMG_2935-Edit Kiss meIMG_3741 On the streets untitled-11-Edit The modelIMG_8474 TaxiTaxiOn the move IMG_9583 3IMG_9589 Character Eyes eyesIn the wall Hole in the wall Row, row, row your boat... Row Row Row the boat IMG_7894Varanasi
Stoney portraitStoney portraitAfter the marketAfter the MarketBoxesCard board cityIMG_8141TattooThe fortune tellerThe fortune teller www.chrisbirds.comCuteThe BuddhaThe BuddhaOnce upon a timeThe meeting pointThe shop keeperThe shop keeperInside the templeInside the Templewww.chrisbirds.comNellyIMG_0502Shepherd The welderSparkswww.chrisbirds.comMid the Gapwww.chrisbirds.comParlimant www.chrisbirds.comLost undergroundwww.chrisbirds.comOn the limitThe Sanctuary Of TruthSanctuary of truthwww.chrisbirds.comPerspective Piccadilly My You go first The entrance to it T, Angry Dracula’s Like a mirror

Popular, thanks Instagram .. ..Kind regards

Chris Bird


In some religions you get in your next life what you do in this life..
The lady with plastic legs walking by our restaurant clearly had bad Karma to have lost her legs in this life(according to some belief systems)..even more so when the car unfortunately hit her and sent her rattling across the road..luckily her two plastic legs held on and after 10 minutes on the floor adjusting her prosthetics she was away..she must of been a bad bastard in her previous life..
Its strange as there are over 11million people in Hanoi flying around like lunatics and after 7 days this was the first accident we saw..
On our return from the stunning Halong Bay our bus had a flat battery, luckily 12 Vietnamese and myself managed to push start the bus …the problem then was the Aircon didn’t work so we had to have all the windows open just so we could breath ,the trade off then was we where on one of the noisiest / dustiest roads here ….luckily it was only a 4 hour journey. beep fxxking beep.
We avoided eating dog ( to the best of our knowledge ) and thoroughly enjoyed this amazing and diverse city.
I was here 6 years ago and its amazing the and bars are up over 1000% and the place is one of the most vibrant you will ever has it all.

Once again thanks Vietnam for a truly magical time..

all my latest images are HERE!

Coconutswww.chrisbirds.comEscort Smile Trike Life Who needs a van Cyclo In the middle of it all Zebra Water Mustang sally Take the bus Sale coming soon Life Fast food The Car park is The School Chit On the Then and The Tea Life The Hanoi at Night Shot to bits Shot to bits Thanks to The The Tourist Waitwww.chrisbirds.comTracks The Beer

Behind every picture theres a story

Behind every picture theres a story …

I had my morning walk and as usual was armed with my Camera.

As I was taking a shot of an interesting fishing boat I noticed this young boy shouting out to the man on the boat ..

It turned out it was the boys father fishing for small Shrimp that had just come into season ..I gave hime my card and later forwarded him some images of his Fisherman father..I think thats a pretty cool shot for is Dad…one for the wall.

2 years ago whilst exploring Koh Chang I came across this rather bizarre resort ..its literally at the end of the road .

This year I just had to return for some more exploring ..I wasn’t disappointed.

Aunchaleena Beachfront Resort, formerly, Koh Chang Grand Lagoona is the name.

This place is actually an illegally built resort by a billionaire Thai .. its long past its sell by date and is now practically in ruins.

Its the biggest resort on the island and its still operating ???apparently its full of Thai people holidaying  from Bangkok over Christmas /New Year .

As you enter the resort there are several full size elephant sculptures armed with huge Erections ..yes you heard me right ..

I stumbled on an old secure building that was full of broken bicycles?? there where dozens of them and on the wall old pictures of young people posing with new bicycles..what happened?

In fact everywhere you turn there are spooky things ,its a huge area with no one about ..occasionally you see a young girl on a bike riding by ..GHOST????

Any way Vietnam in a few days for some rather different culture and some street Photography ..Always love exploring this country.

Destination Hanoi .

For more Diverse images head over  HERE!

More on the resort Here !


Koh Chang,Thailand
Koh Chang,Thailand



A little taste of Koh Chang ,Thailand.

A little taste of Koh Chang ,Thailand.

Home for a few months, Koh Chang is a great island to relax and enjoy Thai life.

Its low season now so its very quiet and peaceful which is just what the doctor ordered.

One of the reasons its low season is the weather! it rains a lot this time of the year although  we still have plenty of dry times to wander around /explore and it usually makes for great sunsets .

Koh Samui next stop after I renew my Visa in Vietnam ,street photography at its best.

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The Back garden

Finally on tvKoh Chang ,ThailandAfter the storm

Koh Chang ,Thailand


The Merc

Home for a while

The Elephant farm

Lifes a beach

The hat 

The Hammock Yamaha

Laid to rest 



Stunning sunsets 

HomeBird of Paradise

The Aftermath  Going Fishing The Fisher man

Life Koh Chang ,Thailand

Koh ChangKoh Chang ,Thailand


Koh Chang ,Thailand

Simple hand held Photography Koh Chang ,Thailand

Evolution Koh Chang ,Thailand

Social Media and the Facebook Mafia

Social Media and the Facebook Mafia

Its a strange thing  Social Media and one that Bloggers have been writing about for years.
Ive been playing with social media for a couple of years now and still don’t quite get it ..
I have recently joined Ello the new social media without adds and have had a whopping 1500 followers in no time at all by simply posting images..
I have been on Flickr for a couple of years and have only just managed that number yet I have put quite a bit of energy and effort in commenting on other photographers work and posting good images almost daily ..Flickrs a tough cookie to crack.
Instagram has taken me to over 10,000 followers in just over a year but again quite a lot of time has gone into that ,it is by far the most rewarding in terms of interactions .
My images often get well in excess of 1000 likes in 24 hours which compared to Facebook’s 15 likes for the same image is a shocking reality …REALLY?
So Facebook …Even though 5000 people have subscribed to view my photography page Facebook decide who actually see’s my posts.
They share to around 5% of my followers unless I pay to promote.
If I pay to promote and get more followers they still wouldn’t see my posts unless I paid to promote again ??
Since they floated on the stock market they have become a nightmare and are in my opinion the No,1 internet Mafia out there..
I have been exposed to decapitations ,Rapes ,murders and mass animal cruelty plus much more on Facebook yet numerous times they have taken down my posts as it was apparently against Facebooks guidelines ..they were simple images that had no problem on other social platforms.
Twitter sees me with 4500 followers and I get around 3 retweets a week ..WHAT?? the retweet has become almost obsolete .
I only post pictures on Twitter and years ago would get lots of activity/retweets ,now its dead .
Google + is a funny Internet Mafia again…#thomashawk the famous internet photographer has over 8,000,000 followers on there yet often gets no more interactions than I do with my measly 8,000 followers ,how is that possible ?? he must have 7,900,000 ghost followers.
Have google set up algorithms especially for Thomas Hawk?? my guess is probably .
How else does he get 7,900,000 ghost followers .
He is a fantastic image maker ,but I smell something not quite right …he has a full time job and a young family yet he takes and posts more pictures in a weekend than I do in a year ?? ( and I have no family and no job) he plans to take/edit and publish 1,000,000 images before he dies! thats a lot of work for family man with a full time job.

My guess he’s like his photography friend Trey Ratcliff who actually admits to having numerous staff working behind the scenes..
So why do I bother ?
I simply enjoy Photography and love my little website ,posting on these social media platforms gets traffic to my Website which in turn gets them to view my images all of which are for sale and in turn allows me to carry on travelling and taking pictures .
Plus one day Thomas Hawk might actually follow me on Google Plus ..

Socila Media